Monday, 4 February 2013

Our New School

This past week has been very chaotic trying to get the new school ready for the students. The builders were there all weekend finishing things up and our school isn't fully finished yet, but was ready for instruction to begin. So today was the first day in the new school! The students were so excited and it was a very exciting time for teachers too (especially those who have been at the school since the plans for the new building began). 

Our new building is a complete open learning space. This means team teaching and team planning at its finest. Over the past two years that I have been at the school, we have practised team teaching and at first I was hesitant, but now I love it. So with that said, some of the members of my team have had experienced team teaching so this move is not too drastic of change. In our 5/6 space, we do have breakout rooms to take out small focus groups for work but in general, it is an open space. 

I don't have any before and after yet as we haven't been able to make our area look beautiful since we are still waiting on pin boards to be installed and some more furniture to be delivered.  But, I do have some pictures of what my week/weekend looked like in the unpacking/setting up process:
Our "teacher office" is hidden behind all this sports equipment stored in our area over the break.

This is me in my new home room learning space. No desks to be found at the moment but plenty of chairs. 

All our boxes to be unpacked. We had a superstar team that got this unpacked quite quickly. 

One of the learning spaces in our area. This is a larger break out room. Can you see the blue theme in our area?!

Our wet room - another team teaching space but with lino instead of carpet and sinks. This area will be the primary science and art learning area.

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