Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Are you a Square?

I found this activity from New Zealand Maths and thought that my students might enjoy it as they love hands-on activities. It is called "Are you a Square" and is used for estimation and measurement of length and height. 

Students predict whether their body shape is landscape, portrait or square, based on their height and the measurement of their arms spanned out.

I modelled the activity to the students and then they were given the sheet to record their estimations and actual measurements.

First thing they had to do was make estimations. Then, they were to work with the students at their table to measure each others arm span and height with a piece of string first. Next they used the measuring tape to measure the length of the ribbon and get their accurate measurements. 

This activity took a whole one hour maths lesson and students stayed engaged throughout the whole session. One again, another hands-on maths activity that engaged students and allowed them to develop their estimation and measurement skills. 

This activity relates to the e5 model of instruction as it engages the students and allows them to explore this maths unit through an activity using concrete materials.

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