Saturday, 27 October 2012

Writing Unit Sequence

You may have noticed a bit of a pattern that I use when teaching a writing unit. I often start the units the same way, as I believe that these core lessons are utterly important in any writing genre. I thought I would give you a quick run-down on the sequence of lessons I use to start a writing unit. These are usually all taught within the first two weeks of introducing the new writing genre. 

So here we go...

Lesson 1: Writing pre-test for the genre
Lesson 2: Discovery Chart to identify features and structure of the genre

Lesson 4: Joint creation (teacher and students) of a rubric 

Lesson 5: Student evaluation of their pre-test with the rubric created by the class

Lesson 6: Student creation of own writing goals for the genre based on their self-evaluation with the rubric (this leads to the creation of a writing goals poster)

And after this is done, we begin to work more in detail on specific genre of writing. Hope this spawns some wonderful ideas for writing in your classroom!

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