Friday, 2 November 2012

Pie Charts with Beads

This is a hands on way to teach students about the creation of pie charts. Similar to the activity with sentence strips, this one uses string and beads.


Students in groups were given a set of data and their task was to create a pie chart for it.

The first step was to identify what colour beads we would use for each category. As you can see on our data sheet, we coloured the category the bead colour. 

Next, we began putting on the amount of each category for the beads. One bead = one tally mark.

 This is what our string looked like after putting on the total amount of beads. We made sure that the amount of tally marks on the data set was the same amount of beads we had.
We then attached the end of our strings to create a circle. And ta-da...we had ourselves a pie chart.

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