Sunday, 4 November 2012


A wonderful idea shown to me by my teaching and learning coach Mrs Kenely. Please check out her blog...she is fabulous!

For my unit on "summarising" (for those readers from Canada and the USA, "summarising" is spelt with an "s", not a "z" in Australia... yes, it took some getting used to) in reading, I created an anchor chart as seen below.

A nice clear visual for the students with a definition of summarising, a specific learning focus for my class, a success criteria based on strategies we will work on throughout the unit, and a summary of learning area for our share time. 

One of my favourite parts of the poster is the "Summary of Learning" section. At the end of each reading session, one student from each of my reading groups writes what they have learnt that day on a sticky note, presents it to the class and places it on our chart. These sticky notes can then be used for teacher formative assessments based on student self-evaluation. 

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