Saturday, 10 November 2012

Units of Measurement

Learning Focus: Estimating length and perimeter of objects of various sizes

As I've mentioned, my students love creating posters and seeing their work displayed. So today's activity catered to this learning style. Students were given the sheets below that had a number of different pictures of objects on it.

Their task was to create a chart and estimate which unit of measurement (mm, cm, m, or km) they would use to either measure the length of perimeter of each object. They had to cut out the picture and place it in the correct column of their chart. 

This task is related to the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach of teaching maths as it falls directly under the pictorial. The lesson prior to this would have students estimating objects in front of them, and then they move to estimating objects based on a picture of the objects and thus need visualisation skills for this. The next lesson should be estimation based on simply seeing the name of the object without a picture.

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