Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fractions K-W-L Chart

I normally don't use a K-W-L chart in maths but I decided to give it a go and achieved great success with it. After completing a pre-test, students created a K-W-L chart for fractions. It worked well after a pre-test as students were able to activate their prior knowledge and will in the What I Know section easily. They were also able to create questions and wonderings for the What I Want to Know section based on the questions they were unable to answer on the test and new vocabulary they encountered. 

Although this proved to be a simple task, it links directly to The e5 Instructional Model. This task relates to the explore component of e5 by promoting questioning, eliciting prior knowledge and having students make connections to past learning experiences. The questions and wonderings generated by students in the What I Want to Know section has now guided the sequence of our unit on fractions and become the focus of learning during this unit. 

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