Sunday, 23 September 2012

Where in the World...

As we finish up our integrated unit on the Olympics, our class is moving on to learning about different countries and cultures around the world.

This activity was used a segway from the Olympics into countries and cultures. Students worked in pairs and were given a map of the world that did not have any labels. Using their personal netbooks, atlas books, maps on the walls, and resource books in the class, partners had to locate every country that has hosted a Summer Olympic Games. 

Next, they were to create an "annotated map". Each country located has an arrow coming out with the name of the country, the cities that hosted the Olympic Games, and the year the Games were held there. 

This is an activity that I have used when teaching high school and simply modified for primary school students. A strategy that can be used across multiple ages is what I call a successful activity!


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