Monday, 3 September 2012

Creating a Bar Graph

Learning Focus: Creating a bar graph from data

During our whole class focus, students spread out into a circle and began to create a large bar graph in the middle of the circle. All the labels for the graph were pre-written by the teacher and students had to take turns placing all the labels onto the graph.
Students had to place the title, labels for the x and y-axis, scale numbers, and categories for the x-axis onto the graph. Then, using the data, they had to create their bar graph by representing the data with concrete materials.
The EAL strategy used is called Matching and Labelling. This activity caters to EAL students in your class as it scaffolds the task for them. Instead of giving students a blank canvas to create a graph, students are given the labels to assist them in beginning to create their graph. This also allows teachers to observe students understanding of how data is displayed on a graph (ex. what information goes on what axis). Also, by allowing students to work in a mixed ability group, EAL students get a chance to observe 5 star work and input their own opinions and ideas without feeling intimidated to get the wrong answer.
Although this was an EAL strategy that I used, all students were focussed and thoroughly enjoyed the activity. This maths activity was SO engaging for the students as they did not want to stop. One student asked if we can do this every day.

After we created a whole class graph, in groups, students went and made their own graph using concrete materials in the room with new data. Here are some of their work samples:

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