Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Number Lines

 Our school has had a huge focus on improving numeracy teaching and learning this year. As part of this, staff at our school have been participating in numerous professional development sessions.

One of the key things I've learnt this year is the importance of having a number line that is clear and visible up in your classroom. Number lines can be used for almost all maths activities and are a handy tool to help students visualise the task.

They are easy to make and apparently you can purchase ones too. I've placed mine up along the wall in my classroom, however, a modification for younger age levels is to have them run along the floor. Students in Prep at our school enjoy being able to actually "jump and hop" along the number line.
*Make sure you start at zero too!

For  more information on maths and number lines, check out the following website. Frank Schoonderbeek ran a PD session at our school that was very informative. Here is his website:

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