Saturday, 15 September 2012

Past, Present, Future


As a pre-test to our integrated unit on Environmental Degradation, students were given the task of creating a past, present and future representation of the community they live in. 

Some of my students created wonderful work and drew very futuristic images of the future. One student drew the future as a bunch of tree stumps. She has used her prior knowledge of the environment and deforestation to project how human impact can negatively affect the future. This is what we were looking for. As only one student did this, it provided a starting point in teaching and finding out activities for the students. A post-test to this unit would be the same activity and hopefully more students will be able to apply their knowledge of human impact on the environment in their representations of our community in the future.

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  1. WOW, the first students Past/Present/Future illustration for what a school environment looks like is very striking. It depicts that the past school room was set to individual table and chair settings, and that in the present all students share the viewing of the IWB. The future illustration is the most insightful into this students idea of education, that student will go back to individual table and chair settings with a computer at each.