Sunday, 9 September 2012

Wall Wisher

One way of integrating ICT in the classroom is through the use of Wall Wisher in your lessons. This tool can be used for any grade level and for almost any topic area. I often use Wall Wisher when beginning a new topic as a wonder wall.

The way it works is that teachers create a wall (page) and students can post a response on the wall. Students don't need a log on which makes it easy to use. Teachers can also create a setting that all posts need to be approved by the teacher before going on the board.

This is a Wall Wisher page I created when teaching about credible sources for researching. Students had to answer a question and locate the answer in three different websites:

Another one I've used this year is to post Wonder questions to begin our unit on the Olympics:

This is a very engaging tool for students and they love seeing their posts/comments on an internet page.

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