Monday, 17 September 2012

How Many Ways Can You Represent a Fraction?!?!

At the school I work at, we set learning goals for each class based on a set of data that is analysed during our Data Professional Learning Team meetings (based on the AIZ model) . 

My new goals for maths revolves around a unit on fractions. The first goal set was to "represent simple common fraction using physical models". These goals are based on the VELS standards for the grade level. 

 An activity that worked on achieving this goal with my class was creating a thinkboard. To the left is the example I modeled with my class.

On a poster, students had to represent the fraction by showing it in fractional form, written form, a pictorial representation and finally by representing the fraction as a set using physical models.

Some students created excellent posters. The difficulty most students faced was with creating a pictorial representation. Students struggled with the concept that each piece of the fraction needs to be the same size. Some didn't use a ruler, or tried creating a picture of the fraction in a circle but not having each piece the same size. After a few tries, students finally understood the concept. 

Here is some of their work:

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