Thursday, 27 September 2012

School Holidays

I've been trying to post frequently on this blog but as school holidays has hit, my blog has been a little stagnant. But I would love to explain why . . .

Over the past three days, my co-workers/friends and I have been participating in the Victorian Teacher Games. This is an absolutely amazing event and one that I look forward to every year. This is my second year of participating and hopefully will be one of many. 

It is basically three days of sport competition . . . teachers vs. teachers. You create teams with either teachers from your school or other friends and compete against other teacher teams in a variety of events. And if sport isn't your thing, there are other social events such as paintball, orienteering, ten pin bowling, lawn bowling and trivia nights. And every evening there is a social function (imagine thousands of teachers in one pub/venue).

It is great fun for all and I truly wish that other states/countries could be fortunate enough to have an event like this. 

Happy Holidays :)

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